130 Years of Weather for Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, in an Online Interactive Dashboard

Today's Tableau dashboard exercise has weather for Yarmouth, Nova Scotia. The folks keeping weather data there also did a great job over all that time, similar to those in Sydney, Nova Scotia, to have provided a lot of this data from but a few weather stations. Some locations needed not only a lot more, but a lot more a lot more often!

Today's exercise for me was mostly to see how easily interchangeable data sets were for doing essentially the same thing in Tableau, but to provide a different product. Sure, it'd be nice to have these two locations, Sydney and Yarmouth, together in one file. However, that'd add an extra dimension to deal with for those who don't care for the other locations. That plus you'd have to cater to either the lowest common number of years for which you have data, or have missing data pop up every now and then.

I will be doing a Nova Scotia compilation with 8 locations, but getting enough data for them for 100 years as a nice round number feels like it nearly killed me, never mind visualizing it! Talk about painstaking, and unnecessarily so! But you will see something with the location dimension added in as one more variable you can change. For now, though, enjoy these single location for which I was able to compile over 100 years' weather data easily enough to make it worth while as a learning hobby project


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