Why are so Many Anime & Manga Characters Born on March 3rd?

From my anime and manga character birthdays analytical set of dashboards, you can see March 3rd is the date that has the most characters with birthdays, at 36 birthdays. That'd make quite the birthday party, eh?

There is even a decent gap in character dates, with more characters with birthdays on March 3rd than the next most popular date, January 1st, at 28 days. January 1st is a bit of a lazy choice being the first day of the year. There may be some symbolism involved, but it can't be that much to deter from the fact it's just the first day of the year.

The birthdays of these characters were chosen by many writers over the years, and there should be some randomness to them, as you can see by the coverage of days with at least one birthday. However, what is it about March 3rd that might have inspired more birthdays for it than some other dates. These are conscious decisions creators of characters make for their birthdays. But was there something unifying their thoughts to let so many of them arrive at March 3rd as the choice?

I can't think of anything big in history, but I only know some Western history. A check online didn't really turn up anything convincing, but that was also mostly only Western history, not Japanese and/or Asian history that could hold the answer since many, if not most, creators of these characters were Japanese or of other Asian nationalities. A quick search online didn't even reveal anything of Japanese and/or Asian history, either, but it wasn't the greatest effort. That's because I'm banking on the answer to the popular March 3rd birthdate for anime and manga characters is something the anime and manga fans know.

Am I right, or was it just really a fluke that March 3rd ended up being such a popular birthdate among all these anime and manga characters?

Are you going to tell me with 1916 characters at the time of this writing, that it was also fluke 5 of 365 days during the year had no characters having a birthday on it? I won't do the statistical math but I'm betting not. More on the next post about these dashboards I created to visualize birthdays of anime and manga characters.


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